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Domestic & Commercial Damp & Structural Repair Specialists

Hawthorn’s have successfully created a well established damp and structural repair Company providing a quality driven and economic service throughout the North of the United Kingdom to loss adjusters, insurers, public authorities, property professionals and private clients.

Hawthorn’s provide a dedicated service, delivering focused engineering expertise. Providing a flexible approach to ensure that projects are managed not only professionally and cost effectively, but also in a way tailored to suit individual requirements.

Domestic & Commercial Damp & Structural Repair Specialists Including For:

Hawthorn’s benefit from a dedicated team of fully trained and certified surveyors, site managers, contracts managers and site operatives. Our technicians have the expertise to undertake projects ranging from a private terraced house or a bespoke swimming pool basement conversation to a sensitive historic property restoration.

Hawthorn’s dedicated team have the necessary contract management skills to proactively manage the correct repair strategy, offering a bespoke solution for each and every customer.

Our process includes for:

Damp Proofing…damp proof installation
Rising damp is a common problem in older properties either because no damp proof course (DPC) was provided at the time of building, or because a physical membrane has failed or been ‘bridged’.

Hawthorn’s Solution:
In the majority of cases the provision of a remedial damp proof course is a cost effective and minimal disturbance option.

What is damp?
Dampness in buildings can lead to structural deterioration; it can result in decay of timber, spoil decorations and can have problematic health effects through the development of moulds and mites.
When an absorbent material such as paper, wood, cloth or brick is placed in a damp atmosphere it will absorb moisture. If the humidity changes the moisture content of the material will change with it.

Wet wall, dry air…
If a wall is wet, it will be consistently losing moisture to the air through evaporation. However, constant water rising through the masonry will cause damp patches, salt marks along with associated mould and fungal growth. Typically this is caused by the absence, failure or bridging of the damp proof course.

Salt contamination due to rising damp…
The source of rising damp is the soil or subsoil’s, which are always wet. Soils consist of biodegraded plant matter hence water in soils is not pure and usually contains nitrate, chloride and sulphate salts. These rise through the masonry and are left behind as water evaporates. Rising damp over a number of years can cause high levels of salts in masonry. These residual salts are hygroscopic; hence they contribute to the problems found.

Hawthorn’s are able to provide Protimeter equipment to test for damp and salts in masonry as well as providing laboratory analysis.

Damp Proof Treatment…
Initially the damp proof course needs to be renewed. Hawthorn’s utilise a range of BBA Approved remedial Damp Proofing products. Once treated it is necessary to remove and replace the plaster to ensure
the hygroscopicsalts are removed. Hawthorn’s utilise specialist renovating plaster, along with damp proofing & waterproofing additives.

As waterproofing methods and technologies become more advanced and economically viable, there is a growing trend for homeowners to utilise existing damp and dank cellars by undertaking a basement conversion and converting basements into bright and comfortable habitable living areas:

If the form of the structure is not changed planning permission is not necessary but there are a number of building regulations that need to be adhered to. If additional bedrooms are being created light wells or window egress will have to be installed in which case, planning permission will be required.

Experts in Basement Conversionwaterproofing material
Traditional methods of basement waterproofing such as cement based renders are becoming less reliable as water table levels rise and bring increased hydrostatic pressure to bear on properties. The new but increasingly used solution is to apply a Polyethylene sheet material described as Cavity Drain Membrane which, provided the substrate is suitable, can be directly applied with little preparation to the walls. Cavity membrane is both vapour proof and impervious to water and provides additional insulation value.

Before the membrane is fitted a drainage provision is installed to ensure quick and efficient evacuation of any water ingress which stays behind the membrane. Internal finishes of insulation and plasterboard or plaster and render products are applied in front of the membrane to provide a dry and well insulated living area.

Structuralstructural problems
Hawthorn’s provide a dedicated subsidence service, providing a flexible approach to ensure that subsidence projects are managed not only professionally and cost effectively, but also in a way tailored to suit individual requirements.

The range of products we can Install/ provide include for…

All of which can be professionally delivered by Hawthorn’s.


Timber Treatmentstreatments in lofts
Traditional building methods combined with a predominantly damp, temperate climate causes the UK housing stock to suffer some of the highest levels of risk from insect and fungal attack to structural timbers. It is considered ‘good practice’ in building design to pre-treat timber with preservatives as a lifetime precaution against dry rot or woodworm.
Unfortunately, most traditional buildings (and a lot of relatively modern ones) do not have the benefit of such protection and this, combined with poor maintenance, leads to many cases of timber decay being identified during housing surveys.

Timber Treatment Products…
Hawthorn’s approved contractor status gives that additional peace of mind. Leading external technical managers physically inspect our sites, offices and workmanship on an ongoing basis, to check and approve us against their strict criteria.

Condensation has become a major issue across the UK. Hawthorn’s are able to install a unique range of whole house and room ventilators which have become the industry standard in treating problems of condensation in homes.
Energy efficient, quiet and highly effective, products such as Homevent really solve the issue of condensation and remove the associated health problems.

Condensation…its causes and effects…condensation on walls
Water is deposited on the cooler surfaces in a building, particularly in winter. The first indication is usually black mould growth in the worst affected areas. In severe cases the amount of water may be great causing pools of water on the floor, windowsills or on clothing and furniture.

Often the condensation can occur at low levels where the surface of the wall is coolest, starting in a corner and then spreading along the length of the wall. This may appear to be rising damp and can easily be confused.
Hawthorn’s can expertly identify the type and source of your damp problem to ensure the right remedial treatment is specified.

Summary of Capabilities:
Hawthorn’s are able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including for expertise in: